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Can a corona cured person again get corona

Can a corona cured person again get corona

  • Can a person cured of Covid get coronavirus again?
  • Can a coronavirus survivor get the infection again? Experts answer
  • Home India News Cities. Experts say that testing positive for Covid immediately after getting cured was the effect of the residual virus. Most of these patients had gone for a test after completing treatment to check the virus load in their bodies. Enter your email to get our daily newsletter in your inbox Subscribe Now. Get our daily newsletter in your inbox Subscribe. Thank you for subscribing to our daily newsletter. AP india news.

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    Can a person cured of Covid get coronavirus again?

    By Srinivasa Rao Apparasu. In four medical professionals exposed to the virus in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the epidemic, a test that detects the viral genetic material remained positive five to 13 days after they were asymptomatic.

    This does not necessarily mean that they were still able to infect others, however. The PCR diagnostic test is highly sensitive and can amplify genetic material from even a single viral molecule. As such, the test could merely be picking up fragments of the virus. PCR tests may detect remnants of the measles virus months after people who had the disease stop shedding infectious virus, Dr. Krammer said. The other possibility is that the negative test was done poorly, or the samples were stored at a temperature at which the virus deteriorates.

    The throat swab may also simply miss the virus that is hiding elsewhere in the body. Chan School of Public Health. Lipsitch offered an analogy: a jam jar with mold on top. Scraping off the surface might give the impression that the jam is now mold-free, but in fact the jar may still contain mold that continues to grow.

    Can a coronavirus survivor get the infection again? Experts answer

    The Japanese woman initially had mild symptoms of coronavirus infection and tested positive in late January. She was released from the hospital on Feb. She tested positive again on Wednesday after coming in for a sore throat and chest pain.

    Lipsitch said.

    One worrisome possibility is that the coronavirus follows what is known as a biphasic infection: the virus persists and causes a different set of symptoms than observed in the initial bout. In patients infected with Ebola, the virus may persist for months in the testes or eyes even after recovery — and can infect others and keep the epidemic going. The recovered person, too, can develop other symptoms, including insomnia and neurological problems, said Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University. Rasmussen said.